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28 August 2006 @ 01:01 am
Mun (name or nickname): Jean
Muse & Band: 강인 of Super Junior :D
Muse's LJ: sjtrial
MSN or Aim: SJ The Trial
RP log excerpt (if applicable):
Here are a couple of posts from a Rose Kibum scene. Rose is my muse:

Rose: The brunette was sitting on the bench, watching the lake's surface which was refelcting the sky with all of its tiny, shiny dotlike stars. His full lips curved in a sad smile at the thought that somehow the scenery reminded him of a field with hundreds of fireflies. He could never see one, he knew, but the imagination alone was lovely and set his spirit on peace. The cool night wind made him pull his coat together and shiver but he didn't feel like going home yet. Not yet.
kibum: An hour had passed since the phone call, still Kibum was there sitting, back leaned against the wall, the open window a couple of inches above his head. Normally he'd just smoke two or three fags maximum. But tonight he's well on his way to finishing the entire softpack."Live fast, Love hard, Leave a beautiful corpse" he once read somewhere."yeah. i think im getting there.." he utters to himself. Kibum grabs his coat and heads and takes to the dimly lit streets of Seoul. He often takes walks during the night when his mind wouldnt let him rest. Doubtless that after that phonecall, It's going to be a long hard night he thinks.
Rose: The korean youth rose slowly, galantly, his eyes still attached to the hundreds of fireflies , mind caught between dimensions, absent yet present. Pouty lips released a soft sigh, Minwoo crouching and catching a small stone between his fingers. He wasn't sure what was going on with his bandmate right now, and the sudden distance he had experienced felt like a footprint on a still fresh cement.The stone shot toward the lake, kissed it's fluid surface, once, twice, making the fireflies image stretch and vanish before it finally sank into the water.
kibum: After a couple of moments of aimless wandering, he passes by a park. The foliage seemed like one huge black blotch of ink save for patches that glimmered against the bleakness. ibum had always liked places near water. There was something so calming about the lapping sound of it, the cool breeze the waves took along with it to shore. Then like an uninvited guest a line passes by in his head" Jay doesnt really like the water.." Already it begins, recollections that had made him smile before now brings a certain discomfort that squeezes at his heart. Nonetheless he heads nearer the water. As he approached, he notices someone else by the lake. We wasnt the only soul still awake at this hour it seems.
Rose: Splash...he watched another stone vanish into the deep black, waiting for the fireflies to appear displayed on the surface again. As they did, there was something new and different added to the picture, a shadow not far away from him. This brought his senses back to reality, made him flinch and shot a glance in the direction of the sudden visitor...
A slight pause, as eyes were studying the vocalist's features, soon recognizing the outlines of the boy he had spent years of SM training with.

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