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28 August 2006 @ 10:59 am
Mun (name or nickname): Lin
Muse & Band: Kim Jungmo / The TRAX
Muse's LJ: my_xmas
MSN or Aim:
RP log excerpt (if applicable):

Jungwoo: Jungwoo took the opportunity considering thier close proximity to lean against the older male, play attempting to knock him off the couch. Reaching over without even really glancing in his general direction he ruffled his soft auburn hair before pulling away as if nothing happened. Jungmo was really the only person he would allow himself to be this affectionate with and he planned on keeping things that way since he was so comfortable around his friend."Park...? I don't mind." He shrugged his shoulders in a nonchalant manner,shutting off his game for the time being and releasing his long tresses from the loose knot he had tied it in. After running long slender piano fingers through it once again and picking at an annoying tangle he sighed,giving up on it completely. It's not as if he really cared too much anyways - or atleast thats what he told himself these days. Then after stretching his arms above his head he stood up, expression remaining as bland and robot-like as before."I need to go take a shower and change....I look like shit."
Jungmo: Such warm-hearted attachment was only exposed through brief gestures. Whether it was expressed through words, or by touch.. it had all the same meaning. Yet Jungmo was oblivious to each one and only took great pleasure in the fact his dongsaeng even cared. He swayed accordingly, pretending to almost lose balance and just as he was about to fall down face-forward onto the floor, he pulled back.. straightening his posture immediately. A wide smile spread across his face, something so genuine and real that could only be seen on rare occasions. The gifted guitarist nearly jumped out of his seat with delight after hearing the agreement to go. "Really? You mean it?" He asked enthusiastically, brown eyes brightening. The plate was placed aside onto the tray causing forks and knives to clang loudly as they were thrown ontop. "And I don't know who that is.." Jungmo said seriously, referring to the curse word spoken earlier. "But no matter what you look like, you'll always be Jungwoo to me. Anyways, let's hurry up and get ready!" Springing up from the couch, he scampered off towards the walk-in closet to grab a few things from his bag.